Robin Remembering Valentine is a collection of organza hangings and light projections produced from my father’s memories. Using slides and cine film, taken at the family farm during my childhood and Dads marriage to my mother before her death, it connects his past with the present using altered images and photo weavings. The farmhouse remains exactly the same today as when she died in 1983.

Through a series of individual and family portraits, the photographs depict the survivors that were settled in the UK with family members and mementos of their past lives as children to celebrate their resilience in the face of trauma. From Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors in partnership with the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), Jewish News, the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and Dangoor Education alongside the work of other photographers.

I wish to revive the memory of the 168 souls or more who were lost to the sea on January 6th, 1786. My work shines a light on the scale of the tragedy and pays tribute to the 168 souls or more who were lost to the sea on January 6th, 1786. Some of them will never be identified and have no grave or even evidence of their existence. I hope my work can help to remember them, give them the respect they deserve and bring them and the event back into collective memory.

From the series: ダイヤ改正 (or 'Revised Timetable'). A new edit seeing the body of work in other ways. Learning to love and care for the images rather than have them exist as a means of getting through a commute. It isn't a self-help exercise, it is a rephotography project, albeit at 132kph.