Veiled embodies my experience of leaving a toxic relationship and the complicated healing process involved. It is a creative representation of the mental process we go through when trying to escape being controlled and the residual effects it has on us.

Life in Marble is a photographic exhibition exploring the role the of classical antiquity in configuring the notion of Whiteness and problematise the adoration of white marble within western culture.

Conceptual photographs based on my experience of growing up with high myopia (very short sight) and other eye disorders which have challenged me along the way. I created these images as a form of abstract expressionism. The work is biographical. It provides an insight into how I have used creativity to overcome an introverted childhood as a result of mocking and bullying because of my glasses and poor sight.”

Mystery Tour. No Guidebook.

Occulta explores my first-hand experience with Spina Bifida Occulta to raise awareness of it and hidden conditions in general. It portrays the unseen struggles experienced by me daily, touching upon the medical gaze by making the unseen within me seen and there for others to see. This is a very personal project, one that has taken me a long time to work towards, and an element of bravery to talk about openly.

A multi-media based collaborative project that explores each participants connection to crime and how it has indirectly and or directly affected their way of life. The intent is to spark conversations on themes such as people, place, crime, trauma, ethics/representation, poverty, social class, identity, and memory which are all part of the Greater Glasgow community and how it is perceived.

Personal trauma from flood damage to myself and others. I make the psychological implications of climate catastrophe more visible by adopting the abstract aesthetic. The process involved blurring the lines of the two-dimensional portrait into an abstract representation while keeping a connection to the real. I am emotionally entwined with the community I am documenting and enabling the power of representation with my collaborators is important to me.

Women’s sense of self can shift and change as they move between social landscapes. Adjustments are required as they traverse between the vibrant and ambitious expectations of young womanhood to the nurturing and selfless expectations of motherhood, I consider how, whilst trying to outwardly present compliance with, and integration of, both these idealised stereotypes, both their shadow sides form. Creating a dark inner landscape that requires attention.

Maliminal meditates upon the contextual possibilities of places usually perceived as beautiful, vibrant or welcoming. ‘Maliminal’ is partly influenced by the concept of ‘The Backrooms’ – a fictional world created by the online gaming community in which people can ‘noclip’ out of reality and into this different and unsettling place. It is also partly influenced by my inherent anxieties as a western man in an eastern country for the first time. The images aim to discuss context, place and temporality that isn’t experienced by anyone else but me.